Our Story

The six stages of a relationship life cycle above depict the primary stages that impact couples in any committed relationship based on their experience of mutual fulfilment overtime.

Starting from the first stage of courtship and honeymoon phase before moving on to the second stage where internal and external stressors lead to relationship stagnation, and finally reaching the final stage of maturation, the possible outcomes for any couple would be to rekindle, to settle, or to terminate the relationship.

The theory above clearly shows that when it comes to building lasting relationships, it is not as easy as one would expect. With a majority of relationships ending with a breakup, it takes more than just shared feelings of love and affection between a couple to make it work.

Inspired to help build lasting relationships between couples, this is the idea behind One Card Closer. Through the power of communication, we created One Card Closer to help couples grow closer by understanding each other through honest conversations, one card at a time.