The One Card Closer Game

MYR 120.00 RM 79.90

One Card Closer is crafted for two individuals in a relationship to grow closer with one another through honest conversations, one card at a time. 

The goal of playing One Card Closer is not to win, it is to foster loving and lasting relationships through genuine connection.

Experience a stronger bond with your partner through the three phases of probing questions and intimate activity suggestions to help you understand each other better. 

 What is inside?

  • 100 cards
  • 1 guide book
  • 3 phases of the game
    • Phase 1: Linguistics
    • Phase 2: Let’s Talk
    • Phase 3: Zero Regrets

How to play?

  • 2 players (you and your partner)
  • Each player will take turns to ask and answer the questions. 
  • Played according to the phase sequence.

Tips to Play

  • There is no time limit. Play at both of you and your partner’s convenience. 
  • Be honest with your answers. Do not be afraid to share with your partner.